With over 40 years experience supplying the Automotive Interior Cabin Market we have built a strong market presence by offering quality acoustic and thermal solutions, FAST!

Our design and development teams are not only continually focused upon vehicle comfort and value for money, they also consider other factors such as weight, recyclability and the environmental impact of the solutions offered.

All of our components are offered in combination with a large selection of fixing strategies including 100% coverage or striped tapes (with easy release liners and/or pull tabs), adhesives, fir-tree fixings and hook and loop. However for a more cost effective fixing strategy most of our materials can be sonic-welded or can utilise existing fixings such as weld studs and integral clips.

Interior Cabin

External noises an issue? With the right material or component in the right application we can eradicate low, mid and high level frequencies no matter the size of the application area; pillars, dash, headliner, under seat, seat back or parcel shelf!

Engine Bay

Heat resistant, water and oil resistant, high level of acoustic absorption, encapsulation and dampening? We have an application for all!

Underbody & Exterior

Vibration or exhaust noise an issue? Not anymore with Autins heat resistance and vibration reduction materials.

Boot / Trunk

Complex boot shapes are no match for our mould press, multiple axis foam profiler and reaction moulded polyurethane lines!