IA was established in May 2014, and is a partnership between the Autins and Indica Group of Companies. The company is located in Northampton in the heart of UK’s manufacturing and development hub. Indica has 25 years of manufacturing experience and is a leading converter of foam and technical materials, with 11 plants in 6 locations, employing 700 people. IA is well positioned to take advantage of a strong geographical foot print to supply acoustic and thermal foam products and to complete the collage of offerings that the Group can provide ranging from fiber to cellular based technologies. Our main focus is to meet customers’ expectations by providing value driven solutions through a wide range of acoustic, filtration, comfort, sealing, thermal and damping materials. IA through Indica and Autins is well represented in the automotive, construction and architectural markets with a history of supply to global OEMS and Tier 1’s where we continue to grow our presence. Our product portfolio includes open cell/closed cell Polyether and Esters, EPDM seals and gaskets, heavy layer dampeners, low emission foam absorbers, heat shields, architectural absorption panels, PE door shields and air filtration control medium.

The growth and support of our dedicated people along with fostering strategic relationships with our material suppliers remains instrumental to the success of our business. No business is too small and is treated with the same level of care. With the advantage of rapid tooling and rapid prototyping as well as the availability of onshore and offshore manufacturing, we are able to support a wide range of projects from inception with quick, flexible and efficient turn around.

Through our relationship with Automotive Insulations, we have access to state of the art research and testing facilities, including Autins Technical Centre.

These resources enable us to provide cost effective test data and deliver value to our customers through engineered and cost effective solutions.


For more information please view www.indicaautins.co.uk