Wind deflector adds noise reduction to redesigned Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento has been redesigned from top to bottom just three years into its existence, with a wind deflector among the noise reduction elements used to ensure a quiet ride.

At over 1.7m in height and almost 1.9m wide, the SUV might be expected to suffer from significant buffeting by wind resistance as it cuts its way through the air.

However, the wind deflector placed ahead of its panoramic roof (on the KX-3 specification) couples with a tunnel insulator and three-layer dash pad to improve the NVH characteristics – the important threefold assessment of noise, vibration and harshness during ordinary usage.

Together, these various forms of automotive insulation “help to reduce vibrations, boom and road noise entering the cabin”, according to Kia.

Fitting acoustic insulations to the engine bay and bonnet of a vehicle can help to cut down both on road noise from the front of the vehicle, and on the vibration caused by the car cutting through the air at high speeds.

With Autins’ foams and felts, you can add thermal insulation along with acoustic insulation, keeping excess heat out of the passenger cabin while making the ride quieter.

Such measures are a valuable way of making sure that, even with large SUVs, the size of the front area presented to the wind does not have to mean compromising on the quietness of the drive.