VW bring interior cabin noise reduction in new Tiguan

31/05/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

volkswagen-tiguan-2016The new Volkswagen Tiguan, which went on sale in early April, delivers interior cabin noise reduction for improved passenger and driver comfort.

A range of different measures in the Tiguan family help to ensure the comfort of occupants, including thermally insulating window glass to prevent excess heat from building up inside the car on sunny days.

Its acoustic insulation has been praised by customers on online forums too, with some commenting on how easy it is to hold a conversation with back-seat passengers, without having to shout.

This is in spite of the large wheels on the SUV and its diesel engine – both of which might normally be expected to increase the interior cabin noise levels.

In the new VW Tiguan, even more effort has gone into keeping the interior cabin quiet, with improved aerodynamics and an optimised body structure helping to achieve this, while the interior includes safety features like seven airbags, one of which specifically protects the driver’s knees.

Rod McLeod, head of marketing at Volkswagen UK, said: “This exceptional new car showcases the very best of what Volkswagen can deliver. Ingenious engineering, exceptional practicality and fine styling sit alongside class-leading safety in a package that brings a premium look and feel to the compact SUV class.”