Underbody sound insulation adds acoustic excellence to Ford Galaxy

08/04/2015 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Automotive sound insulation

The new Ford Galaxy offers a quieter on-the-road driving experience thanks to underbody sound insulation, with acoustic insulations added to the underbody shields and to the front and rear doors and wheel arch liners.

Combined together, the measures should help to make sure road noise cannot penetrate the underside of the Galaxy, and further attention has been given to sealing the vehicle’s interior against unwanted sounds from outside.

The windshield and side windows are fitted with acoustic glass, meaning there is less chance of sound being able to get through them.

And the whole vehicle makes “extensive use of closed-section body structure components”, according to Ford.

One further measure designed to reduce noise levels inside the cabin is the inclusion of a certain amount of longitudinal give in the rear suspension.

When colliding with a bump, the wheel can move slightly backwards from its default position, helping to absorb the shock and therefore avoiding transmitting a ‘bump’ sound to the driver and passengers.

This suspension has also been introduced on other Ford models, including the all-new S-MAX and Mondeo.

But even on smooth roads, the underbody sound insulation should help to avoid tyre roar and the typical white noise experienced at high speeds.