Tyre noise reduction part of ‘biggest ever’ public information plan

Tyre noise reduction, fuel efficiency and wet-weather safety are the three elements in the tyre industry’s “biggest ever customer information campaign”.

Mandatory labelling of those three qualities on tyres is due to be introduced in November, but as of July the industry as a whole has begun to raise awareness levels among consumers.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders is among the organisations taking part, and chief executive Paul Everitt explains why the move towards more objective comparisons between different tyres is important.

“Before this tyre label, customers only had price and brand to distinguish between more than 300 different types of tyres,” he says.

“Now, motorists have a set of comparable factors to make buying decisions easier.”

Ratings are given for fuel efficiency and wet-weather performance based on a seven-point scale, and are graded from A to G depending on the tyre’s quality.

Only the noise level produced is given in scientific units, with a decibel rating clearly marked on the label.

This is good news for tyre noise reduction through the acoustic insulation of tyre wells, as it means motorists will be able to choose a wheel whose decibel levels are within the range that can be quietened by their vehicle’s insulation, preventing excess noise from entering the interior cabin.