Thermal insulation can help keep wanted heat in

07/12/2012 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation for cars is often mentioned in terms of keeping unwanted heat – such as that generated by the engine – out of the interior cabin.

However, thermal insulation can be equally beneficial in keeping heat in, particularly in colder countries where the in-car air conditioning slider is often left in the red, and well out of the blue.

The all-new Toyota RAV4 is a perfect example of this, with leather upholstery and heated seats, helping to prevent them from feeling chilly to passengers using the vehicle during cold spells.

While leather seating can feel cold to the touch, especially during the winter months, thermal insulation for the interior cabin of a vehicle can overcome this effect by keeping much-needed heat in.

Performance felts and foams are lightweight and flexible, meaning they can be added almost anywhere on a vehicle without increasing the bulk of its fixtures and fittings.

Using the extra convenience of artificially heated seats and the usual warm-air blowers, vehicles can quickly be brought up to a comfortable temperature.

And thermal insulation means it should be easier to keep them at that temperature without burning extra fuel – making for a comfortable and economical ride.

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