Supporting greener public space design with car noise insulation

31/01/2017 //
by idealmarketing
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The design of public spaces, especially in the presence of busy traffic routes, is often based around principles of noise mitigation, with physical barriers to block engine and tyre noise. In a Masters thesis at Ball State University in Indiana, Jing Tang looks at how green infrastructure can help to achieve this, and also at […]

Higher frequencies of traffic noise prove most annoying

24/01/2017 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Automotive sound insulation

Many of the most prevalent frequencies in traffic noise signals overall are toward the lower end of the audible spectrum, for example the deep bass rumbles of many engines and exhausts. But newly published research indicates that it is high frequencies – such as the hiss of tyres on wet roads in the rain, for […]

Underbody acoustic insulation blocks reflected road noise

13/01/2017 //
by idealmarketing
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Vehicle underbody acoustic insulation doesn’t just help to prevent noise from the vehicle’s own transmission from escaping into the surrounding environment; coupled with floor insulation in the interior cabin, it can be instrumental in shutting out noise reflected back up from the surface of the road. This is important because, although underbody acoustic insulation is […]

Traffic noise dominates in urban environments

11/01/2017 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive sound insulation

Traffic noise is the dominant source of acoustic and seismic noise in urban environments, according to an upcoming scientific study, with volume levels only exceeded by construction sites in isolated areas where construction activity is taking place. In an article to be published in April 2017’s Applied Acoustics, researchers at the Engineer Research and Development […]

Toyota RAV4 named ‘used car of the month’

19/10/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive awards, Automotive industry news

The Toyota RAV4 has been named ‘used car of the month’ for October 2016 by valuation agency My Car Check, which also checks the legal background of used cars for evidence of outstanding finance deals or severe past crashes. In its latest monthly analysis of the market, the service has put the Toyota RAV4 at […]