Range Rover Evoque Convertible sells quickly and quietly

26/09/2016 //
by idealmarketing
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The only thing ‘quiet’ about the recent sales figures for the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible is its interior cabin’s acoustic insulation, which the manufacturer promised delivers comfort for passengers on a par with its five-door sibling. But in terms of actual sales, the new model has already staked its claim as a key element […]

Nissan BladeGlider looks to a future of silent running

22/09/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive industry news

The Nissan BladeGlider’s serene-sounding name is a reference to its near-silent running, with an aerodynamic shape and electric powertrain helping to deliver this. Nissan already make good use of acoustic insulation in many of their vehicles, whether powered by electric battery or internal combustion engine, to ensure the comfort of the driver and occupants from […]

Nissan ask Olympians to make some noise in Rio prank

02/09/2016 //
by idealmarketing
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Team GB Olympians and Paralympians were urged to make some noise by Nissan in their ‘Do It For Nissan’ prank ahead of the Rio 2016 Games. In a good-natured stunt, a number of British medal hopefuls were summoned to a Nissan media briefing, where they were told the brand was keen to get the Nissan […]

Nissan focuses on quiet acceleration in low-emissions bid

24/05/2016 //
by idealmarketing
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Nissan has been working to develop electric cars as part of its next-generation line-up of vehicles, to deliver low-to-no emissions combined with the quiet acceleration of an electric engine. The brand has three distinct channels of innovation: Intelligent Driving: The development of features like lane departure warnings as a precursor to fully autonomous vehicles, which […]

‘Wraith-like silence’ makes Rolls-Royce Dawn ‘quietest ever’

05/11/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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Plenty of cars claim to be the quietest in their class thanks to the inclusion of noise insulation, but the imagery associated with the new Rolls-Royce Dawn makes a more compelling case than most. The new vehicle promises no compromises, and has been created from a triple ethos: Strive for perfection in everything you do; […]