Sound-deadening underbody puts luxurious Ford Galaxy in the first class

23/06/2015 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Automotive sound insulation

ford-galaxyNoise reduction in the underbody of the seven-seater Ford Galaxy is part of all-around efforts to deaden unwanted sound on the vehicle, helping to deliver a luxurious driving experience and ensure that the all-new model ranks in the first class.

The Galaxy claims several firsts in its segment – such as the push-button operation to raise or fold the third row of seating, in order to accommodate more passengers or more cargo as desired.

With seven full-sized seats, including contoured seating for front passengers, and a retractable panoramic glass roof overhead, the new model is designed for the comfort of every one of its occupants.

Commenting on the noise reduction for the underbody and elsewhere on the vehicle, Ford say: “Sound-deadening material within the underbody shields, wheel arch liners and front and rear doors, and more extensive use of closed-section body structure components, contribute to a quieter cabin.

“Acoustic glass for the windshield and side windows also helps reduce wind noise and environmental noise.”

Ford took the unveiling of their new model quite literally, calling in the assistance of illusionist Darcy Oake to create a two-minute magic trick in which the Galaxy appears from nowhere on the back of a moving truck – complete with passengers.