Noise reduction ‘is part of the ride’ on the Vauxhall Mokka

If the words ‘Mokka’ and ‘noise reduction’ bring to mind the hissing of a cappuccino machine, the new sports utility vehicle from Vauxhall is about to change all that.

The Vauxhall Mokka might sound like a frothy coffee, but it’s actually the next generation in the brand’s self-styled “product revolution”.

Aimed at the compact SUV market, the Mokka is a rival to successful models from other manufacturers, including the Nissan Juke and Qashqai.

In a family-orientated market where comfort is a key selling point, the Mokka makes use of noise reduction as an integral part of its design.

For instance, the chassis features double-bonded handling bushings, dual-path strut mounts and side-load springs to counteract lateral forces and, together, cut down on both noise and vibration.

The gearing also helps to cut the vehicle’s sound levels, with lower loads on the engine supports and axle shafts delivering reduced volume throughout the drive.

With the right acoustic insulations in the right places on any vehicle, it is usually possible to achieve effective noise reduction if problem areas exist.

Our range of acoustic insulations for the underbody and exterior can help with this, preventing vibration from the transmission and other exterior parts of the car from reaching the interior cabin, and thus helping to reduce sound levels inside the vehicle.