Noise reduction is built into Citroen PureTech engines

New PureTech engines from Citroen have noise reduction characteristics built into them as standard, highlighting the importance of a quiet drive for the comfort of motorists and their passengers.

In the PureTech range, a wet housing for the timing belt helps to reduce noise and maintain the longevity of the component throughout the full operating life of the engine as a whole.

Further measures cut friction by 30% – which is likely to have knock-on benefits in terms of eliminating the noise due to moving parts rubbing against one another.

In any system with cyclically moving parts, a certain amount of vibration is inevitable; noise reduction felts and foams like those from Autins help to dampen this without adding unnecessary fluids to the system.

Performance materials that can be carved and crafted to fit the exact available space can be much more lightweight than filling the same volume with a liquid.

They can also offer thermal insulation benefits when used in the engine bay, for all-round protection against unwanted noise and heat for passengers in the interior cabin.

For more about Autins’ range of lightweight performance felts and foams, to add acoustic and thermal insulation to the engine bay, click here.