Noise reduction has maintenance benefits

Vehicle noise reduction can have benefits beyond the simple comfort of the driver and passengers; careful use of automotive insulations can also help with long-term maintenance, particularly in the winter months.

Allianz Global Assistance recently urged drivers to take a fresh look at the condition of their vehicle as the new year approaches, in case the winter worsens in early 2013.

With the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, any minor engine problems could be worth checking out – and sound plays an important role in identifying them.

“Any niggles and noises that have been hidden away under the bonnet during the summer may well turn into major issues as winter gets a grip,” the roadside assistance provider warns.

Automotive insulations serve the dual purpose of not only providing noise reduction during normal operation, but also making sure that any unusual one-off sounds due to engine malfunctions are not drowned out by background noise.

Meanwhile, automotive insulations that provide thermal insulation could also be valuable in the winter months – this time keeping the interior of the car warmer than its surroundings.

Any slight increase in temperature in the engine bay can protect against the iciest of outside conditions, while in the interior cabin, higher ambient air temperatures reduce the need for heating – and so lower the strain placed on the engine when setting off on a journey.