Nissan focuses on quiet acceleration in low-emissions bid

24/05/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

nissan-ids-concept-2016Nissan has been working to develop electric cars as part of its next-generation line-up of vehicles, to deliver low-to-no emissions combined with the quiet acceleration of an electric engine.

The brand has three distinct channels of innovation:

Intelligent Driving: The development of features like lane departure warnings as a precursor to fully autonomous vehicles, which are due to arrive in 2017.

Intelligent Power: The advancement of electric vehicle technologies that deliver quiet but powerful acceleration.

Intelligent Integration: Ensuring vehicles are connected to the Internet of Things and equipped with the right connectivity for portable devices onboard too.

Nissan use thermal insulation as a way to enhance the range of their electric vehicles, as well as enhancing the comfort of the driver and passengers in the interior.

By insulating the roof, Nissan say the temperature inside can be brought to its target more quickly by the heaters or air conditioning system.

In turn, this means less energy is consumed from the vehicle’s battery in order to adjust the temperature, or to compensate for heat lost through a non-insulated roof.

This results in a longer charge and improved driving range, meaning thermal insulation is literally helping to keep Nissan electric vehicles on the roads for longer.