Nissan BladeGlider looks to a future of silent running

22/09/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive industry news

nissan-bladeglider-2016The Nissan BladeGlider’s serene-sounding name is a reference to its near-silent running, with an aerodynamic shape and electric powertrain helping to deliver this.

Nissan already make good use of acoustic insulation in many of their vehicles, whether powered by electric battery or internal combustion engine, to ensure the comfort of the driver and occupants from engine noise, road noise and other environmental distractions.

The BladeGlider epitomises this, in an electric vehicle with zero emissions and a smooth, silent, glider-like driving experience.

Carlos Ghosn, president and chief executive officer of Nissan, said: “These prototypes epitomise Nissan’s drive to expand its Intelligent Mobility strategy, where driving pleasure combines with environmental responsibility.

“Nissan believes that enthusiasts should look forward to a zero-emission future and BladeGlider is a perfect demonstration of that. It’s the electric vehicle for car-lovers.”

The striking appearance of the BladeGlider includes a three-seat configuration with a centrally positioned driver and two passengers, and an open top.

Seamless windscreen glass gives all three occupants a panoramic view, with tactile fabric used to upholster the seats, providing extra grip to keep passengers seated comfortably in place.

The BladeGlider was unveiled officially at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, with one model on static display, and a second giving VIP guests and media representatives a chance to experience the vehicle’s ride for themselves.