New ‘premium look’ for Honda Jazz

15/09/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive industry news, Automotive sound insulation

honda-jazz-spotlight-edition-2016The Honda Jazz has undergone continual development, with comprehensive noise reduction including aerodynamic insulating covers for the underbody a hallmark of the 2015 incarnation.

Now Honda have unveiled the 2016 Jazz Spotlight Edition, which promises to deliver a “new premium look and feel” for the vehicle, which is classed as a ‘supermini’.

The special edition is based on the Honda Jazz Keenlight concept car that was on show in Geneva earlier in the year, and is accompanied by a new tenth-generation Honda Civic as well.

Honda said: “The Spotlight Edition is based around a series of design features aimed to appeal to a more fashion-conscious customer.

“Enhanced elements include bronze front grille decoration, door mirror decoration, decals along the flank of the car, unique 15-inch alloy wheels, tailgate decoration, steering wheel and centre console treatment.”

These complement the thoughtful interior design that is already at the core of the Honda Jazz line-up, in which potential paths for noise to enter the interior cabin via the dash have been tackled since the 2015 model.

Combined with the aerodynamics and acoustic insulation for the underbody and other parts of the vehicle, this led Honda to describe the 2015 Jazz, the forerunner of the 2016 models, as “peerlessly sophisticated” both in terms of the way it feels, and the acoustic experience of driving it.