‘New Clio’ offers unmatched noise reduction

22/10/2012 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive sound insulation, sound insulation

Noise reduction is unmatched in the new Renault Clio – simply dubbed ‘New Clio’ by its manufacturer – according to its developers.

Renault claims that “New Clio offers levels of comfort, cabin space and low noise that are unmatched within its segment”.

Part of that noise reduction may be thanks to the trimmed-down design of the new model: at 100kg lighter than its predecessors, that should equate to less friction between the tyres and the road surface.

Stability in the new Clio is assured thanks to a wider track and extended wheel base, adding around 35mm width and 14mm length to the vehicle.

Together, these improvements over previous models aim to make for responsive steering and a more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers alike.

Improving noise reduction through the use of automotive insulations is a good option when there is a vibration or sound issue that cannot be tackled through improved design of the vehicle itself.

Our automotive insulations for the interior cabin are particularly designed for those places where unwanted noise can leak into the interior of the car, and can help to absorb vibrations so that they do not become rattling or buzzing sounds that annoy or distract the driver and passengers.