Mercedes GL-Class takes noise insulation off-road

There often seems to be a belief that, because your vehicle is designed to operate off-road, there’s no point equipping it with noise insulation.

But if you’ve ever ridden in one of those bare-bones off-road vehicles, you’ll know how you can feel – and hear – every lump and bump in the terrain.

Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz take the opposing view, and have designed on-the-road noise insulation standards into their new off-road GL-Class.

According to the manufacturer, this means NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) standards on a par with those of the on-road S-Class.

It’s not just automotive insulation materials that have delivered these high standards; the exterior of the GL-Class has been designed with “aeroacoustic finishing”, while a rigid body shell further improves the vibrational and acoustic performance.

With our range of felts for the exterior and underbody of the vehicle, you can ensure the high standards of acoustic performance that come with modern performance automotive insulation materials.

Each is designed to provide the maximum level of sound reduction possible, while adding as little weight as possible to the vehicle overall.

In this way, you can also rest assured that the improvement in noise performance doesn’t come at the cost of any of the other performance specifications of your vehicle.