Low-noise Renault Clio set for early 2013 UK launch

The fourth-generation, low-noise Renault Clio has been set for a UK launch date in early 2013.

Calling the model simply ‘New Clio’, the manufacturer has outlined several of the commitments to sound quality made in the 2013 version.

In terms of noise reduction, New Clio has been built on a platform optimised for comfort, low noise levels and manoeuvrability.

This in turn provides an interior cabin setting in which sound can be more carefully controlled – and that is what Renault have put in place for the driver.

Renault Bass Reflex technology promises bass performance from the front speakers on a par with a 30-litre home entertainment system.

Meanwhile, Renault R-Sound Effect gives the driver a choice of six engine sound profiles to immerse the interior cabin in noise.

Renault promises that these each offer “a specific, attractive signature and perfectly synchronised with driving parameters such as speed and acceleration”.

The features of the New Clio demonstrate how effective acoustic insulation can leave manufacturers with the choice of what types of sound fill the interior space of a vehicle.

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