Interior noise a feature of McLaren’s 12C Spider

The new 12C Spider from McLaren Automotive has one feature that may come as a surprise to motorists who prefer a quiet interior cabin environment during their driving.

While most manufacturers look to automotive insulations, felts and foams to keep the engine noise out of the interior cabin, McLaren have given 12C Spider drivers the ability to open their vehicle to the roar of the road outside – quite literally.

The 12C Spider is a hard-top convertible whose roof can be retracted even while travelling at up to 19mph.

However, it is the rear windscreen that represents the most unusual noise-reducing or noise-increasing feature.

With the top down, the rear windscreen helps to deflect the wind, keeping passengers partially protected against the buffeting of the elements.

But with the top up, the rear windscreen can be lowered, letting the engine noise in – something petrolheads will relish, but which many motorists might not appreciate.

Even in convertibles, acoustic insulations can help to keep road noise to a minimum with the roof up, and prevent unwanted vibrations from reaching the driver and passengers.

This in turn can make sure that, in high-performance vehicles, engine noise is the enjoyable feature that it should be – and does not become an annoyance.