Homeowners are more easily disturbed by road noise

28/10/2016 //
by idealmarketing
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traffic-congestion-on-rathgar-road-by-dean-molyneauxYou might imagine that road traffic noise would be a distraction for nearby residents regardless of whether they rent, mortgage or own outright – but research from Ireland has found this is not the case.

In fact, renters are more likely to cope better with night-time road traffic noise than those with a vested interest in their property, including both mortgage-holders and outright owners.

The researchers from University College Dublin presented their paper at the Proceedings of the Irish Transport Research Network 2016 in September.

They explained that owning the property – including via a mortgage – may raise people’s expectations that it should be better able to block out any road traffic noise from outside.

Sites were selected for their study based on exposure to road, rail and air traffic noise, as well as a relatively quiet control site – for road noise, they chose Rathgar Road in Dublin, which has been identified as a night-time traffic noise black spot in the past.

The road includes a high proportion of early 20th century dwellings which, due to protected status, have largely not been retrofitted with double glazing – making road noise more of a factor.

In any area, reducing road noise starts at the source, with automotive insulations to achieve effective noise reduction in the engine bay, and from the transmission and exhaust on the underbody.