Fiat Punto 2012 edition ‘a balance of noise and vibration’

Careful engineering has helped to balance noise and vibration in the 2012 Fiat Punto, the manufacturer says.

The TwinAir trim level is a new addition to the Punto line-up, but offers compelling characteristics among the five different trims available on the 2012 edition.

Fiat say: “The TwinAir isn’t just notable for the driving pleasure and low fuel consumption it offers – it’s also remarkably refined.

“Engineers worked hard to maintain the distinctive sound of the two-cylinder while reducing vibrations courtesy of a balancing countershaft and dual-mass flywheel.”

A precision approach to diesel injection further improves noise levels, emissions and fuel consumption, with eight injections per cycle delivering more gradual combustion and smoother use of fuel at higher loads.

Whatever engine is powering your vehicle, there’s no reason why the noise it produces should distract you from an enjoyable driving experience – and that’s where acoustic insulations come into play.

By fitting automotive insulations to the engine bay, you can not only eliminate unwanted noise, but can also keep excess heat away from the interior cabin of the vehicle.

This combination of automotive insulations – both thermal and acoustic insulations – allows these modern performance materials to ensure your drive is as comfortable and quiet as you’d prefer it to be.