Bentley Continental GT Speed balances automotive insulation with roaring acceleration

The Bentley Continental GT Speed strikes the best possible balance between engine noise under acceleration, and automotive insulation to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers.

According to the manufacturer, part of this is thanks to the inclusion of an exhaust system developed initially for the Continental Supersports Ice Speed Record car.

The free-breathing, low-back-pressure design of the exhaust means that, when the vehicle is accelerating at the top end of its power range, an intense, baritone sound is produced.

However, Bentley stresses that this is “without sacrificing a relaxed, refined and quiet tone during cruising conditions”.

It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ solution for motorists who want a performance vehicle that announces itself to the world as it passes by, without giving up on an elegant and acoustically satisfying interior.

Automotive insulation felts and foams can help to produce a similar balance between external exhaust noise and the sound levels of the interior cabin for all vehicles.

We have worked hard to develop a fully featured range of interior cabin acoustic insulations, along with felts and foams for the underbody and exterior of the car.

Together, these acoustic insulations can prevent sound from entering the interior, letting drivers of performance vehicles focus their attention on the useful noises from their engine – such as the revs count, which can help drivers decide when to change gear.