Attention to detail ensures noise reduction in Ford B-MAX

A focus on all-round acoustic quality helps to ensure good levels of noise reduction in the new Ford B-MAX, the manufacturer says.

Properly sealing the gaps between panels and components is one element in this overall approach, along with a body shell designed to overcome unwanted vibration, and the buzzing sounds it can generate.

“The strong, stiff body shell – combined with stiffer chassis components, optimised suspension bushes, and detailed attention to sealing and noise absorption throughout the vehicle – has resulted in significantly reduced noise levels,” Ford says.

Modern materials and production techniques allow for one-piece components to be used wherever possible, while the joins between different parts of the car have also been designed to minimise any gaps.

It’s further proof of the commitment to noise insulation from many of the automotive industry’s biggest brands, as they focus on producing vehicles that grab the attention of buyers who are often spoilt for choice.

And while Ford’s production methods mean vibrations can be reduced in the design of the vehicle itself, it’s also possible to dampen any such movements in vehicles using acoustic insulation felts.

Our acoustic insulations are made from modern performance materials with plenty of science behind them, and can help to cut out any remaining vibrations that cannot be designed completely out of the vehicle itself.