Acoustic insulation makes Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid ‘the quietest ever’

Acoustic insulation helps to make the new Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid the quietest vehicle the manufacturer has ever offered in its class.

The hybrid nature of the vehicle, with its electric drive mode, is one step towards a quieter ride, but there are plenty of other measures taken to seal out unwanted noise.

An acoustic windscreen and thick front side windows are among the built-in acoustic insulation to ensure a quiet interior even at high speeds.

A newly designed exhaust system further cuts noise levels arising from the engine itself, for the comfort of passers-by.

In place of the unwanted noise, drivers have control over a built-in 400W sound system as standard, with the sound insulation helping to lower the required volume of the radio or CD during journeys.

While electrically powered vehicles are naturally quieter than those powered purely by a diesel or petrol engine, sound insulation can help in all cases to keep out environmental and road noise.

This not only has comfort benefits for the passengers, but also ensures that the driver can hear the important characteristics of the engine – such as the revs level – without the distraction of tyre noise.

As a result, motorists are given a best-of-both-worlds combination of essential audible feedback from their vehicle, without excessive and distracting noise from the road or exhaust.