Acoustic insulation achieves ‘significant’ noise reduction in all-new Range Rover

The all-new Range Rover incorporates acoustic insulation the manufacturer says delivers “significant” levels of noise reduction via the windows of the vehicle.

Acoustic lamination of the side door glass and the windscreen is not the only form of noise reduction included in the new model; the body structure itself has been “rigorously optimised” in order to cut down on the sound levels produced during motion.

“The new suspension architecture has enabled engineers to achieve even more luxurious ride comfort and refinement,” Range Rover adds.

While streamlining for speed often goes hand in hand with noise reduction – both typically improve as wind drag is reduced – there is still a compromise to be struck between the performance of the engine and the sound that it produces.

In these instances, acoustic insulation of the underbody of the vehicle can help to allow high-performance transmission to be used, without negatively affecting the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers.

At Autins, our automotive insulations include several felts and foams designed to achieve just such noise reduction, without adding excessively to the weight or performance of the vehicle.

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