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Noisy parents ‘a pet hate’ for child passengers

28/09/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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If you think an in-car singalong is the best way to keep your kids entertained on a long journey, you might be part of the ‘noisy parents’ problem – and not part of the solution. Figures from Ford show that many children just want a quiet ride and to get to their destination as quickly […]

Staff expansion at Automotive Insulations makes the news

25/09/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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Automotive Insulations (AI) was featured on BBC Midlands Today this month in a story about the company’s expansion. The news that AI has doubled the number of staff employed at its Rugby site over the last year made headlines on the morning edition of the TV news programme. AI has taken on around 80 staff […]

Acoustic foams and covers cut noise in Jaguar XF

21/09/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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Jaguar have provided more insight into the extensive automotive insulation used in the Jaguar XF, ranging from acoustic foams and isolating covers to spray-on sound-deadening materials. The diesel engine – named Ingenium – has a stiff cylinder block for inherently lower vibration levels, but this is complemented by acoustic covers for the cylinder head, sump […]

“Investment in training the key to growth” says Autins Group CEO

21/09/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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The Autins Group has continued its commitment to an ongoing programme of staff training and development with some exciting new initiatives. Automotive Insulations has recently put forward two apprentices for an apprenticeship programme for maintenance engineers run by Toyota.  One of these apprentices comes from the WMG Academy for Young Engineers in Coventry, making AI […]

Merc-AMG C 63 Coupe ‘sets new landmark’

17/09/2015 //
by idealmarketing
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The Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe ‘sets a new landmark’ in the development of the C-Class, the best-selling series from the manufacturer. According to the marque, its sporty new model “is the next step on the way to yet more technical and visual distinctiveness”. With flared front and rear wheel arches, larger wheels and increased overall […]