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Mazda sound insulation lets you zoom zoom with less vroom vroom

The 2015 Mazda6 range lets you ‘zoom zoom’ without the ‘vroom vroom’, as extensive sound insulation throughout the range means a quieter ride, whichever model you choose. Upgrades have been added to the entire 2015 line-up, which goes on sale early in the new year at prices from £19,795 to £28,795. “Every model in the […]

Generous noise insulation makes Mercedes-Maybach S-Class ‘quietest in the world’

16/12/2014 //
by alastair
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Mercedes-Benz have described the generous noise insulation they claim makes the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class the quietest production saloon car in the world. “The level of wind noise is impressively low and, despite the large windows, betters even the quietest car in the world – the S-Class Coupe,” they say. “For passengers in the rear, the Mercedes-Maybach […]

Acoustic insulation inside and out on Qoros 3 City SUV

12/12/2014 //
by alastair
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Acoustic insulation on the Qoros 3 City SUV has been designed to deliver noise reduction not only against external sounds like wind noise and tyre roar, but also against internal sounds from the engine and transmission. The result is all-around acoustic insulation for the interior cabin that aims to shut out as much unwanted noise […]

Govt ‘road improvement’ programme includes £300m for noise reduction

09/12/2014 //
by alastair
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The government’s biggest road investment strategy for a generation includes £300 million earmarked for noise reduction and environmental improvements. An ambitious £15 billion plan was announced in parliament on December 1st, with wide-ranging reach across the UK’s road network. For instance, £1.5 billion of the total is planned to be spent on adding an extra […]

Autins MD celebrates 25 years at company with record year

01/12/2014 //
by alastair
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Managing director Jim Griffin is celebrating 25 years working there by announcing that the business has had its most successful year ever. Jim first started at the company in 1989 as a managerial assistant, in his own words “basically pushing paper around”. He then worked his way through various roles including production manager and sales manager. […]