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AI use succession planning to help avoid skills shortages

27/08/2014 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive industry news, Automotive insulation

Automotive Insulations are using succession planning to help resolve the ongoing skills shortage in the manufacturing and engineering sector. According to EEF (the Manufacturers’ Organisation), the industry will need an additional one million skilled workers by 2020 to maintain production, meet rising demand and to replace those retiring or leaving the sector. Over the past […]

Updated Nissan carpets help with interior cabin noise reduction

Interior cabin noise reduction on the fully updated new edition of the Nissan 370Z NISMO has been enhanced through the use of new carpet material, as part of several improvements in the vehicle’s sound insulation. These are complemented by structural changes in the rear suspension, so that overall the commitment to a quiet ride is […]

AI trials new training programme for company managers  

20/08/2014 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive industry news, Automotive insulation

Training and development is highly valued at Automotive Insulations and has been a key part of our growth and success. Our latest training venture, a social fitness programme, has been both revealing and intriguing, creating an impact throughout the company. Ten of AI’s managers have recently completed a new leadership programme designed to help cultivate […]

Jaguar prepare to launch ‘quiet and luxurious’ XE

Details are beginning to emerge about the Jaguar XE, as the build-up begins to its glitzy UK launch on September 8th. The manufacturer describes the car as offering “a smooth, supple ride, exceptionally sharp steering, quiet, luxurious cabin and seamless connectivity”. However, beyond that the technical specifications are still something of a mystery, and are […]

Thermal insulation keeps VW Jetta warm at the rear

12/08/2014 //
by alastair
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Passengers seated towards the rear of the ‘refreshed’ Volkswagen Jetta Saloon should have a warmer ride on winter days, thanks to the inclusion of thermal insulation. Heat insulation is included in the rear windscreen, which incorporates tinted glass that should also ensure temperatures do not rise too high on hot and sunny summer days. It’s […]