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New site update: key dates all met

28/04/2014 //
by alastair
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Seven months after the initial ground-breaking event at AI’s new site, the project is on track and nearing completion. Operations Director Kevin Westwood, who has spent almost a year planning the new site, reports that all the key dates set at the start of the build to measure the project’s progress, have been met. “The […]

Lounge-like ride comfort with acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation can be a useful way to ensure a ‘lounge-like’ experience for passengers during long journeys, by eliminating (or at least reducing) high levels of road noise. Take the Mini Paceman for instance, unveiled in its newest incarnation at the Auto China Beijing show and aimed at design-conscious drivers. Mini promise “acoustic optimisation which […]

Thermal insulation may help deliver low carbon cars

20/04/2014 //
by alastair
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Thermal insulation may be among the technologies discussed at an upcoming open day at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. On May 15th, from 9am until 5pm, the venue is throwing open its doors for free to engineering organisations and motorsports firms to attend and engage with one another on all manner of issues relating […]

Acoustic foam keeps Kia Sedona free from engine noise

16/04/2014 //
by alastair
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The 2015 Kia Sedona promises a ride free from excessive engine noise, thanks to the use of acoustic foam in the engine bay to deaden the sound and prevent it from reaching the passengers in the interior cabin. Kia unveiled the new incarnation of their MPV in New York at the International Auto Show, and […]

Automotive insulations to gain from growth in car production

Strong growth in automotive production worldwide is likely to spur demand for related materials, according to a new report, which may be good news for automotive insulations as well. IHS Technology reports that several industries are likely to perform strongly when this year’s final figures are in, ranging from auto making to the packaging sector, […]