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Acoustic insulation is ‘a fine distinction’ for Aston Martin Rapide S

The Aston Martin Rapide S’s acoustic insulation makes “a fine distinction” between noise and sound, the manufacturer explains. ‘Sound’ is any valuable audible information that reaches the driver and occupants of the vehicle – and could arguably range from the revving of the engine, to the in-car radio and traffic updates. In contrast, ‘noise’ is […]

Automotive Insulations features on BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Business’

22/01/2013 //
by alastair
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BBC presenter Peter Day visited the Midlands to find out how manufacturers are coping with the most difficult economy in decades. Jim Griffin, MD of Auto Insulations (AI) was interviewed about how AI has grown so significantly during this difficult period for the economy in general and the car industry in particular. “The region used […]

Virtual heat and sound tests Volvo FH’s automotive insulation

Volvo have revealed that the automotive insulation on the new Volvo FH truck has been subjected to virtualised heat and sound testing to make sure it is up to the task. “It has been cooled and heated; it has been shaken and thrown around,” the manufacturer says. “It has taken the punishment, and come out […]

Vauxhall pledges ‘class-leading’ NVH in 1.6l CDTI ECOTEC diesels

Vauxhall has promised a class-leading combination of noise reduction, vibration damping and elimination of harshness in its new 1.6l CDTI ECOTEC diesel engine drivetrains. This triplet of targets – termed ‘NVH’ for short – was one of the key aims in the development of the new engines, along with high density of power/torque, and low […]

Infiniti Q50’s active acoustic insulation risks over-complication

Infiniti may have over-engineered acoustic insulation in their new Q50 sports saloon, adding four speakers to the vehicle’s doors to actively cancel out any unwanted noise in the interior cabin. The company’s announcement of the new model states: “The Q50’s quiet cabin is augmented by standard Active Noise Control, with cancelling of intrusive low-frequency noise […]