Monthly Archives: July 2012

Fiat Punto 2012 edition ‘a balance of noise and vibration’

Careful engineering has helped to balance noise and vibration in the 2012 Fiat Punto, the manufacturer says. The TwinAir trim level is a new addition to the Punto line-up, but offers compelling characteristics among the five different trims available on the 2012 edition. Fiat say: “The TwinAir isn’t just notable for the driving pleasure and […]

Interior noise a feature of McLaren’s 12C Spider

The new 12C Spider from McLaren Automotive has one feature that may come as a surprise to motorists who prefer a quiet interior cabin environment during their driving. While most manufacturers look to automotive insulations, felts and foams to keep the engine noise out of the interior cabin, McLaren have given 12C Spider drivers the […]

Low-noise Renault Clio set for early 2013 UK launch

The fourth-generation, low-noise Renault Clio has been set for a UK launch date in early 2013. Calling the model simply ‘New Clio’, the manufacturer has outlined several of the commitments to sound quality made in the 2013 version. In terms of noise reduction, New Clio has been built on a platform optimised for comfort, low […]

Acoustic insulations can help avoid spooked horses

We often talk about acoustic insulations’ applications in built-up areas, where they can prevent unwanted engine noise from adding to the roar of the urban jungle. But move into a rural setting, and the issues are in some ways the same, but in other ways very different. Quite apart from the risk of disrupting the […]

Tyre noise reduction part of ‘biggest ever’ public information plan

Tyre noise reduction, fuel efficiency and wet-weather safety are the three elements in the tyre industry’s “biggest ever customer information campaign”. Mandatory labelling of those three qualities on tyres is due to be introduced in November, but as of July the industry as a whole has begun to raise awareness levels among consumers. The Society […]