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Noise reduction is built into Citroen PureTech engines

New PureTech engines from Citroen have noise reduction characteristics built into them as standard, highlighting the importance of a quiet drive for the comfort of motorists and their passengers. In the PureTech range, a wet housing for the timing belt helps to reduce noise and maintain the longevity of the component throughout the full operating […]

Acoustic insulation makes Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid ‘the quietest ever’

Acoustic insulation helps to make the new Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid the quietest vehicle the manufacturer has ever offered in its class. The hybrid nature of the vehicle, with its electric drive mode, is one step towards a quieter ride, but there are plenty of other measures taken to seal out unwanted noise. An acoustic windscreen […]

Noise reduction has maintenance benefits

Vehicle noise reduction can have benefits beyond the simple comfort of the driver and passengers; careful use of automotive insulations can also help with long-term maintenance, particularly in the winter months. Allianz Global Assistance recently urged drivers to take a fresh look at the condition of their vehicle as the new year approaches, in case […]

Thermal insulation can cut CO2 emissions

12/12/2012 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation for the engine bay of a car could have environmental benefits many motorists are not already aware of. While insulating the engine bay of a vehicle helps to keep excess heat from reaching passengers in the interior cabin, it can also help the engine itself to reach its intended temperature quickly, and to […]

Thermal insulation can help keep wanted heat in

07/12/2012 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation for cars is often mentioned in terms of keeping unwanted heat – such as that generated by the engine – out of the interior cabin. However, thermal insulation can be equally beneficial in keeping heat in, particularly in colder countries where the in-car air conditioning slider is often left in the red, and […]