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Range Rover Evoque named Car of the Year

The Range Rover Evoque, engineered to offer quieter engine performance, has been named Top Gear’s Car of the Year. Charlie Turner, editor in chief of Top Gear magazine, says the decision was, unusually, unanimous among the voting parties, including show’s three presenters. “Universal approval from the most opinionated minds in the industry is almost unheard […]

BMW-Toyota partnership could deliver near-silent cars

A partnership to investigate environmentally friendly technologies between Toyota and BMW could lead the two carmakers to develop vehicles which operate with very little engine noise. The two companies are to look into sustainable methods of powering vehicles, including solar cells and wind turbines. Far from having a windmill on the roof of your car, […]

Volvo automatic gearbox matches manuals for fuel consumption

A new automatic gearbox option on four Volvo models promises to deliver the same fuel economy as the manual equivalent, through a range of improvements that may also help to reduce the noise generated by the gearbox. Peter Mertens, senior vice-president for research and development at Volvo, says this is the first time an automatic […]

Citroen DS5 makes driving ‘hidden and discreet’

The new Citroen DS5 offers a “hidden and discreet” driving experience thanks to its soundproofing features, the manufacturer says. In the 2011 Top Gear Magazine Awards, the model claimed the Family Car of the Year title, along with the description of being a “well-grounded, slick, futuristic machine, both inside and out”. Among the interior features […]

Breeze through winter with air conditioning on

02/12/2011 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

It might not sound like obvious advice, but motorists are being urged to drive with their air conditioning switched on at regular intervals this winter. During the summer months, air conditioning helps to keep the interior of a car cool, but the same system helps many cars to avoid misting up during winter. Keeping the […]