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Ford focuses on worldwide driver differences

The only rattling noise a European driver might hope to hear from their Ford Focus could be the ice in their beverage of choice. According to the manufacturer, different parts of the world have very different desires when it comes to the drink they stock up on for long journeys. In Europe, for example, any […]

Engine noise can help drivers in icy conditions

The onset of the winter months may give motorists more reason than ever to ensure the only sound they can hear from their driving position is the normal engine noise that their car produces. Preventing unwanted sounds from reaching the driver can enhance comfort on long trips year-round, but in winter it also helps motorists […]

AI celebrate double win

15/11/2011 //
by alastair
Posted in Automotive industry news, Automotive insulation

AI, the Warwickshire based engineering company has two reasons to celebrate this month with the announcement that it has doubled its turnover in the last 12 months in addition to winning a local business award for excellence. Automotive Insulations which is based in Rugby, has exceeded financial predictions with its success and growth, which were significant factors […]

Joe still not rattled after a million miles

One million miles into his Honda driving career, Joe LoCicero is testament to the reliability of the brand’s vehicles. For many drivers, hitting 100,000 miles is a significant achievement – and, in many cases, a car might be expected to develop a few vibrations and rattling noises over the course of such a journey. But […]

BBC pick up news of AI Range Rover project

10/11/2011 //
by alastair
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To view the clip from BBC news, click here  The story of AI’s involvment with the new Range Rover has been picked up by BBC TV.  Range Rovers’s newest and greenest vehicle will also be one of its quietest thanks in part to the input of a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of acoustic and […]