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Alfa Romeo unveils low-vibration turbo engine

Carmakers Alfa Romeo have announced a new turbo engine designed to offer favourable acoustic performance and low vibration levels during use. The four-cylinder model is due to enter production in early 2013, following a period of development at the FMA plant in Pratola Serra, Italy. With 300-horsepower output and 1.8-litre displacement, the all-aluminium design promises […]

Automotive acoustic specialists help Range Rover

27/10/2011 //
by alastair
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Automotive acoustic specialists AI help make the new Range Rover ‘quieter and greener’ Range Rover’s newest and greenest vehicle will also be one of its quietest thanks in part to the input of a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of acoustic and thermal insulation materials. Automotive Insulations has provided acoustic absorbers using […]

Porsche Cayman R wins Autocar Best Car title

The Porsche Cayman R has been named the 2011 Best Driver’s Car by motoring publication Autocar. A total of 11 newly released models were tested by the magazine in order to determine which best serves its driver. The Cayman R came out on top, narrowly beating competition from the Caterham Seven Supersport, one of the […]

Fiat Ducato offers lower noise as standard

A number of features incorporated into the newly unveiled Fiat Ducato help to make the commercial vehicle quieter while on the road. Among them, Injection Rate Shaping uses two injectors consecutively, ensuring a continuous flow of fuel which reduces the noise produced by the combustion process itself. Within the engine, further measures have been taken […]

Keeping the peace with pets in the car

Motorists with pets to transport in their cars could be keen to learn how to keep their cats and dogs happy en route. According to insurance comparison site and the Dogs Trust, sound plays a big part in putting a smile on canine faces during a journey. The most popular way to amuse an […]