Monthly Archives: August 2011

Traffic noise encroaches on 9 in 10 homes

Cutting down engine noise and other vehicle sounds could be more than just a case of making the driver experience more enjoyable. A report compiled by the Transport Research Laboratory on behalf of the Department for Transport reveals that, from their own homes, nine in ten Britons can hear traffic noise. For a tenth of […]

Vehicle noise reduction ‘would save lives’

Improving vehicle noise reduction by cutting the levels of sound produced by engines could save over 100 lives each year in London, according to the Liberal Democrats. The party have put together The Big Switch, a plan proposed by the London Assembly Liberal Democrats to use electric taxis and buses, reducing air and noise pollution […]

One in seven delay car repairs

While most of us have asked “What’s that rattling noise?” at some point in the past, research reveals that one in seven Britons have put off fixing such annoyances and other problems with their cars. The figures, from Kwik Fit, rank vehicle repairs as the sixth-most frequently delayed task, just behind home repairs – which […]

In-car silence rules for parents on long journeys

Tips from the Institute of Advanced Motorists include some recommendations for parents that could help provide them with some peace and quiet during longer journeys. Simon Elstow, head of training at the institute’s Drive & Survive specialist training arm, explains that in-car entertainment can prove distracting to the driver. As such, motorists who have fitted […]

Chassis noise cut in BMW 1 series

Reduced chassis noise is one area BMW has focused on in the production of the new BMW 1 series. A total of 17 different specifications have been created for the series, ranging in price from £19,375 to £24,720 for the top-of-the-range BMW 120d Sport and Urban models. BMW says the chassis used in the new […]