20 years of the Qashqai’s curry hook

27/04/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive industry news

nissan-qashqai-curry-hook-2016Mention innovation in vehicles and you probably think of things like airbags, power steering, noise insulation in the interior and thermal insulation for the engine bay.

But Qashqai drivers enjoy a much-loved feature that has weathered the tests of time – Nissan’s infamous ‘curry hook’.

The hook was introduced 20 years ago on the Nissan Almera, and celebrated its two-decade anniversary this March.

From its original location beneath the front dash, it has moved to the boot, but the principle behind the hook remains the same in the present-day Qashqai and X-Trail.

It simply allows the handles of carrier bags to be looped over it, keeping the bag upright during the journey – and making sure the contents do not spill.

The name ‘curry hook’ was given to it by the media in 1996 as its most popular use is to stabilise takeaway bags full of curry, although it also works for handbags and other shopping.

David Moss, vice-president of vehicle design and development at Nissan, said: “Whether it’s trip meters, power sockets, boot boards or the famous curry hook, Nissan engineers never forget that it’s often these clever ideas – which make life easier for drivers – that will keep our customers coming back time and time again.”