The best ways to defrost a car in winter

20/12/2016 //
by idealmarketing
Posted in Automotive insulation, Thermal Insulation

frosty-car-mirrorWe have already warned of the dangers of ‘frosting’, when a car is left unattended with the engine running to warm up, making it easy pickings for any passing thieves – but what are the best ways to defrost a car in winter?

First of all, never leave your vehicle unattended, unlocked and with the keys in the ignition, as you will almost certainly not be insured if somebody simply drives off with it.

Next, the AA has warned against using warm water to defrost your windscreen – the sudden temperature change can crack the glass, and even if not, the water often freezes again into even harder ice that cannot be scraped off.

Instead, make the most of your vehicle’s built-in features to get it warmed up faster, with thermal insulation for the engine bay to help control the temperature, so it’s not so much of a cold start.

Thermal insulation also helps the interior cabin to heat up faster, and ensures that warmth is directed towards the glass to help defrost the windscreen and windows, rather than escaping through uninsulated bodywork.

A simple cover over the windscreen at night can keep the frost off by morning, such as using an old blanket or even cardboard if it will not blow away.

Finally, make sure your rear windscreen heater and wing mirror heaters are switched on, as these are areas of the car that are often capable of defrosting themselves in a matter of minutes anyway.